Book: Niranjan Pal: A Forgotten Legend & Such is Life

Books / Aug 9, 2011

Niranjan Pal: A Forgotten Legend & Such is Life

An Autobiography by Niranjan Pal

P K Nair

Edited by
Kusum Pant Joshi
Lalit Mohan Joshi

Book Price – £12

ISBN – 0-9545177-3-3

Niranjan Pal: A Forgotten Legend and Such is Life is a seminal work on Niranjan Pal, an early 20th Century pioneering Indian playwright, scenarist and filmmaker who lived both in UK and in India. The book offers a fascinating narrative of the adventures, thoughts and work of Niranjan Pal, a master storyteller, in his own words. It also has a section of essays where scholars analyse his life and works.


Excellent work of research on the little known but highly significant work of an early pioneer of Indian Cinema.” 

– Shyam Benegal

.. edited with great verve and sensitivity by Kusum Pant Joshi and Lalit Mohan Joshi.  

– Dileep Padgaonkar

“We in India have a poor record ofrecognisingthe technical talent behind a film let alone the Screen writer. So, it is no wonder that the name Niranjan Pal sounds strange to our present day film community. In this context,I must congratulate Lalit Mohan Joshi,Kusum Pant Joshi and their dedicated band of film heritage project volunteers for their efforts in compiling all the earlier writings on Niranjan Pal,adding fresh ones and bring out a useful and informative reference book. I do hope the book will inspire other young researchers and scholars to take up further research on Niranjan Pal, his contemporaries as well as many other forgotten names of our film history.”
– P. K. Nair, Film Archivist, Pune, India (from the preface of the book)

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