Shyam Benegal Issue

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SAC Journal Shyam Benegal Issue No 1

The maiden issue of South Asian Cinema journal focuses on the Cinema of Shyam Benegal, his role as a pioneer of the New Wave Cinema Movement of the 1970s. The issue analyses Benegal’s trilogy Ankur (the Seedling, 1973), Nishant (Night’s End, 1974) and Manthan (The Churning, 1975). In an in-depth interview Shyam Benegal discusses his social concerns and cinema. The issue carries the notes on Shyam Benegal by well-known critic and filmmaker Chidananda Das Gupta.

The issue also looked into the text and sub-text of Gulzar’s films and lyrics. Film academic Professor Satish Bahadur looks into the Cinema of Satyajit Ray- The Railways Motif in the Apu Trilogy. The content includes observations on Indian Cinema by Derek Malcolm, review of Pakistani Cinema by Mushtaq Gazdar and on Sri Lankan Cinema by Priyath Liyanage.



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