SAC Journal – Shantaram Issue

Journals / Aug 8, 2002

Shantaram Issue: £5

SAC – V Shantaram Issue – No 3-4

SAC’s Shantaram issue explores the rise of Prabhat Studio in the 1930s and the career of V. Shantaram as a filmmaker. The documentary filmmaker B.D. Garga presents the historical, social and political milieu in which Shantaram developed his cinema and made his mark in Indian cinema during the first half of the 20th Century. Veteran film society activist Vijaya Mulay discusses the impact created by Shantaram’s seminal film Duniya Na Mane (1937) in India.

In a write up filmmaker Shyam Benegal observes, “Shantaram was at his best when he dealt with social issues, which he did with a great deal of sincerity and purpose, albeit with rather heavy doses of melodrama and sentimentality. He had his hand placed firmly on the pulse of the Indian audience.”

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