SACF Trains Volunteers to Conduct Film Research & record Oral History interviews

Blog / Mar 15, 2014

Oral History Trainees at BFI

A mixed group of adult volunteers from various age groups and ethnicities was selected at different times during the project and received practical training and support in the following areas –

  • How to conduct and record Oral History by a qualified trainer from the Oral History Society at the BFI. They went on to record interviews of 5 older people regarding their memories of some films of the period covered by the project. (These have been transcribed and are available on SACF’s website.)
  • How to carry out Film History research in the British Library and the Reuben Library of the British Film Institute. Here they were given an introduction to library resources and practical experience on how to carry out research and gather record film heritage material.
  • How to archive and digitise the heritage resources gathered during the project from various sources. This was done through a training on a well-attended session on digitising material organised at the BFI.
  • Basics of making a heritage documentary film for 6 volunteers only which was completed during filming some major public events organised during the project, conducting interviews for SACF’s new documentary film, shooting outdoors for the film and while editing it.

The above findings are part of the research which ensued in the project – A Hidden Heritage: Indo-British Film Collaboration (1930-1951)

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